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Mobility, Safety & Security, Connection as well as Well-being & Health: these are the central areas in which they tirelessly search for the answers to the big questions of the 21st century. OSRAM makes a key contribution to resolving the problems of today. Their products and services will help people to see better, communicate better, move better, work and live better, now and in the future.

Light is a source of vitality, and they explore this energy to allow people to live healthier lives. This includes designing suitable lighting for increasing productivity and the enjoyment of life. As a result, their lighting technologies help protect and maintain good health, create new ways of accessing medical support, and make it possible to live self-determined and confidently.

We, at Hydro Experts, sell Osram products like Nav-T HPS Lamp and Plantstar High Pressure Sodium(HPS) Lamp.

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