IntroGro Lighting Kit - 600W Ballast + IntroGro Lamp + Reflector

Intro | Gro

Intro | Gro is newly established company with core concept to introduce new, well design, innovative and smart Lights.  Intro | Gro next-generation, LED-based lighting systems deliver 100% of the light for 10% of the energy cost. The Use Ballast technology .

What is Ballast?

In a fluorescent lighting framework, the ballast controls the current to the lights and gives adequate voltage to begin the lights. Without a ballast to restrict its current, a fluorescent light associated straightforwardly to a high voltage power source would quickly and wildly increment its present draw. Inside a second the light would overheat and wear out. During light beginning, the ballast should quickly flexibly high voltage to build up a circular segment between the two light anodes. When the circular segment is set up, the ballast rapidly diminishes the voltage and controls the electric flow to deliver a consistent light yield.

We, At Hydro Experts, Sell Intro | Gro Ballasts such as Intro | Gro 600W Digital Ballast with Lamp and reflector.


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