Growlush Australia

Growlush is Australia’s premier hydroponics equipment brand and distributor in Australia, empowering hydroponic growers with the means and the knowledge to achieve their ideal garden. From grow lights and grow tents, to hydroponic mediums and nutrients, Growlush has the equipment and the experience to help new growers and green thumbs alike. Hydroponics is not only a hobby but a science, and if you don’t have the right supplies or methodology, a budding set of seedlings, full of potential, can quickly turn into a gardener’s nightmare, complete with dead plants and wasted resources.

With this in mind, Growlush is here to support all growers, whether they be hobbyists or a commercial operation, by offering them world-class brands and unwavering customer support. For over 15 years, Growlush Australia has been not only selling, but designing and manufacturing a wide range of electrical and hydroponic products, and has grown to become one of the only manufacturers in Australia with its own wholesale and retail distribution networks. Growlush not only supplies high quality hydroponic products in Australia and New Zealand, but also to international markets across the globe, such as North America, United Kingdom, Europe, South America and South Africa, so although you might travel half a world away, you will still find Growlush products doing what they do best: growing your investment the lush way!!


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Measuring the temperature of a solution Control your nutrient solution temperature and prevent big swings. Temperature affects plant growth, flowering, seed production and pollination. If it’s too cold, seeds won’t germinate, cuttings won’t root, flowers won’t produce pollen. Your plants will grow slowly or stop growing altogether. Too hot, your seeds won’t germinate and cuttings won’t root. Plants can die from oxygen deficiency, or succumb to pathogens that like higher temperatures. Most plants prefer a root zone temperature of 18 ...