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Growhard Australia

Growhard Australia, a company dedicated to making indoor gardening possible anywhere since 1991, manufactures and distributes in the Melbourne, Australia, area. Growhard makes some of the most trusted and proven additives in the industry such as Nutri-Boost, Liquid Lead, and Bud Juice, just to name a few. Innovation, not imitation, is the basis of our research and we develop our products thoroughly using only quality ingredients and rigorous testing.

GrowhardAustralia is a manufacturer and a distributor of the best, leading indoor gardening and hydroponics equipment. They distribute and/or manufacture the following products and more: Nutriponics, Nutriboost, Bud Juice, Rhizoboost, Liquid Lead, FU63, Bitch'n Brix, Gavita, Gold Label, Mammoth Tents, Hyperfan, Phresh, Nulife, Spectrum King, and Cool Tube.

We, at Hydro Experts, sell an extensive range of Growhard products such as root repair in different sizes, Growhard Bitchin'N, Organic Budmiester, Wiltstop Potassium Supplement, Pot Sox, and many more.

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