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Grove Bags

Grove Bags' TerpLoc® product line represents the long-awaited revolution in cannabis packaging. Meticulously crafted to align with the natural characteristics of the plant, it combines a fusion of various film components to create an ideal cannabis environment within each package.

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Preserving Terpenes

Terpenes, the organic compounds responsible for cannabis' flavour, aroma, and therapeutic qualities, play a pivotal role in maintaining the harmony of cannabis strains. They are the primary influencers of distinct plant profiles. Grove Bags are engineered to establish and uphold the perfect cannabis climate, minimizing evaporation and oxidation. This dedication ensures the maximum preservation of terpenes, safeguarding the full spectrum of cannabis benefits.

Preventing Mould

Mould can pose a threat during the early stages of cannabis curing when improper drying and storage practices are employed. All Grove Bags incorporate active humidity control, facilitating the balanced flow of moisture in and out of the bags. This not only prolongs the freshness of your cannabis but also permits product placement into our bags ahead of competing products, offering you a competitive edge.

Maintaining Weight

Moisture loss remains an ongoing challenge within the legal cannabis industry, negatively impacting both product quality and profitability. The more weight your product loses during storage, the greater the financial setback upon sale. Given the industry's current valuation of approximately $1 per 0.1g, every gram becomes invaluable. Investing in the finest bags becomes the decisive factor for your bottom line. TerpLoc® sealing technology ensures that both moisture and profit cease evaporating from your packaging, preserving your investment and revenue.

Q: What is the purpose of Grove Bags?

A: Grove Bags are engineered to streamline the curing and storage process while eliminating the potential for human error and labour-intensive tasks associated with traditional methods. Featuring TerpLoc technology, Grove Bags eliminates the need for activities like burping, costly humidity control, dedicated curing spaces, and cumbersome jars. These reusable products not only save cannabis businesses valuable time but also reduce expenses. It's important to note that Grove Bags are more than just containers; they represent an entire curing process, meticulously designed to create an optimal microenvironment for curing and preserving flower integrity for over a year. What used to require substantial investments in equipment and hours of labour can now be achieved with significantly less time and effort.

Q: Does the bag eliminate the need for humidity packs?

A: When the moisture meter in the stem of a bud registers a moisture content between 10 and 12 per cent, it indicates the ideal conditions for a Grove Bags cure. In this moisture range, there is no requirement for additional humidity packs or other elements. However, if the moisture content falls below this range, Grove Bags recommends adding a cannabis fan leaf from a live plant to the bag. The bag's technology will then utilize the moisture from the leaf to achieve the appropriate moisture level for a successful cure.

Q: How does TerpLoc technology prevent mould growth?

A: TerpLoc technology effectively manages the bag's contents, ensuring mould is never a concern when the bud is within the optimal conditions for a Grove Bags cure. These conditions include maintaining a moisture content between 10 and 12 per cent, leaving 25 per cent of the bag empty to allow for necessary headspace, and properly heat sealing each bag before storage. When these steps are followed, and the bags are stored in a cool, dark environment, harmful gases are prevented from accumulating, and any potential mould spores are released from the bag.

Q: Are your bags odour-proof?

A: Yes, all Grove Bags films possess exceptional barrier properties that ensure discretion, keeping you compliant with odour regulations at all times.

Q: When should you use a Grove Bag?

A: We recommend using our bags for curing right up to the point of consumption. Unlike other bags, TerpLoc® bags do not require burping during the curing process. Pressure naturally builds up in the headspace of the bag.

Furthermore, our bags can extend the shelf life of your cannabis. Some customers have experimented with intentionally longer curing periods inside our bags.

Q: Are Grove Bags reusable?

A: Grove Bags are meticulously designed for repeated use and have a long lifespan. As long as the bag remains intact and undamaged, its curing properties will remain effective. The UV protectant and anti-static features may gradually degrade over time, but other TerpLoc features, such as durability, humidity control, and odour control, remain consistent. As long as curing is done in a dark room, these bags should work effectively for many years. Some customers have reported using the same one-pound bags for up to four years before transitioning to a new Grove Bag.