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Greenbroz Inc.

GreenBroz Inc begins its story with some of the most innovative and functional designs in the dry trimming industry. Their number one goal was to create a trim machine that would preserve trichomes and provide you with better post-production material.

What makes the GreenBroz so awesome is the fact the nugs roll gently across the blade instead of tumbling and dropping from the top of tumblers (most machines have tumblers). That is what we call “zero drop.” Trichome preservation at its finest and this is what gives you the hand-trim quality cut every time. You’ll get the best results with nice dense nugs at about an 8% moisture level. These machines don’t work well with larf.

We, at Hydro Experts, sell a wide range of GreenBroz dry trimmers such as 215 with tray, 420 with tray, Greenbroz Sorter, 215 Alchemist, Solvent Free Trichome Extractor, 215 CannaGin Destemmer, and many more.

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