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Green Planet Nutrients is a British Columbia based company specializing in the production and distribution of quality hydroponic nutrients and fertilizers for indoor gardening, hydroponic, and plant growth. Green Planet manufacture additives, flower enhancers, bud and bloom boosters and hardeners, pH up and down, humic and fulvic additives, stress relieving products and much more.

We, at Hydro Experts, stock an extensive range of Green Planet nutrients such as Vitathrive, Massive Bloom Formulation, Plant Guard, and Calcium Supplement, and more. They all come in 1L, 5L, and 25L.

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Green Planet Dual Fuel Starter Kit - 5L | Base Nutrient + Massive + Rezin

Green Planet Dual Fuel Starter Kit - 5L | Base Nutrient + Massive + Rezin

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Green Planet Dual Fuel Starter Kit - 1L | Base Nutrient + Massive + Rezin

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