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At Hydro Experts, we are excited to offer Grassroots products, a brand dedicated to cultivating superior growing environments for the enhancement of soil health. Grassroots specializes in innovative fabric growing containers and soil amendments, providing everything you need to achieve living soil and help your plants reach their fullest potential. Their commitment to quality and sustainability ensures that their products not only support robust plant growth but also contribute positively to the ecosystem.

Grassroots is part of the WTB, Inc. family, an American manufacturing company founded by husband-and-wife duo Rich and Carol Quinley. What began as a simple idea for a better product has blossomed into a thriving business with a solid reputation and a loyal customer base. Their journey has been fueled by their customers' insights and their passion for fostering healthy, living soil.

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Grassroots' growth has been driven by deep connections with their customers and an unwavering commitment to quality. They have learned from the best – their customers – and adapted their products to meet their needs, focusing on creating solutions that support an abundant soil ecosystem. Grassroots' fabric pots and beds are crafted from high-quality, nonwoven geotextile polypropylene fabric made exclusively for them in the USA. This military-grade, UV-resistant, chemically stable, and BPA-free fabric ensures durability and safety for both plants and the environment.

Their manufacturing process emphasizes quality at every step. Unlike many competitors who mass-produce low-quality products overseas, Grassroots' pots are assembled in Northern California and Mexico using American-made materials. Features like triple-hemmed edges and exterior bottom seams enhance the longevity of their products, providing lasting value for growers. Their dedication to quality and innovation reflects their mission to help bring soil to life and cultivate thriving plants.

What makes Grassroots products different?

Grassroots' commitment to quality sets them apart. They have thoroughly researched the materials used by their competition and opted for a superior fabric made specifically for them in the USA. Their pots are assembled by skilled workers in Northern California and Mexico using this high-quality material, ensuring lasting durability. Unlike mass-produced alternatives, Grassroots products feature exterior bottom seams and triple-hemmed edges for extra strength.

What kind of fabric do Grassroots use?

Grassroots uses a nonwoven geotextile polypropylene fabric made exclusively for them in the USA. It is military-grade, UV-resistant, chemically stable, and BPA-free. This fabric resists breakdown and rot, ensuring no harmful chemicals leach into your media. Plus, it can be cleaned easily in a washing machine!

Are Grassroots products safe for the environment?

Yes, Grassroots materials are chemically stable, inert, and BPA-free, ensuring they do not leach any harmful substances into the soil or environment. While the fabric itself is not recyclable, Grassroots focuses on longevity to minimize environmental impact.

How do I clean Grassroots fabric pots? Can I wash them?

Absolutely! Grassroots fabric pots can be cleaned in a washing machine and air-dried. Avoid using a dryer to maintain their integrity.