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GemmaCert - Test THC Levels

GemmaCert’s flagship product, the GC-PRO, is desktop herbs and hemp testing solution designed for in-house or field testing delivering immediate results with lab-level accuracy. If a sample tested by a certified lab using high-performance liquid performance chromatography (HPLC) results in a THC potency of 10%, then the same exact sample tested by the GC-PRO shall produce a THC potency result between 9% and 11%.

The GC-PRO tests dry flowers, ground material (biomass/trim), and crude extract. All that is needed for operation is a smartphone and an Internet connection. Every new GC-PRO customer is invited to a short onboarding session with a member of the GemmaCert Team to ensure successful adoption and implementation of best practices. Once up and running, GemmaCert customers benefit from over-the-air updates which improve performance and introduce new testing features. As time passes, the GC-PRO performs better and delivers more.


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