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G-Pots Systems

G-Pot is the first dedicated drainage trays designed specifically for Geopots or any brand of air pruning pot (fabric or plastic). G-Pots have multiple formats of use, provide exceptional value and offer design features like no other drain tray. G-Pot's unique tapered design allows maximum air exposure to the entire air pruning pot. G-Pots include a flat, dedicated panel that can be drilled to accommodate 13mm, 19mm, and 25mm poly fittings. G-Pots lock together to form a stable pot stand and drain tray system, G-Pots provide the complete potting solution with the addition of the interlocking trellis (Scrog) kit. With G-Pots the choice is yours.

We, at Hydro Experts, stock varieties of products such as Dedicated Drainage Trays Designed for Air Pruning Pots, Trellis End capConnector 2 Way and  5 WayLock Plug, and many more.

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