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All Fluence systems are built with the latest LED technology from the world’s top semiconductor manufacturers — including Osram, Samsung and LG. 2,000+ LEDs are built into every SPYDRx PLUS with 80/120 full width half max (FWHM) pre-focused optics for precise spectral compositions and unrivaled performance, electrical efficiency and longevity compared to any other light source. Before light can be effective, it must be absorbed. That is where our product development begins.

Light that does not reach your crop is wasted – wasted money, electricity and opportunity. We designed the SPYDR, VYPR and RAZR series for precise, uniform photon delivery, whatever the environment. From passively-cooled form factors tailor-made for their environment to breakthrough spectra created for full-cycle physiological development, every facet of our design process has a purpose.

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