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Exfoliators are Australias largest producer and supplier of Premium Perlite and Premium Vermiculite products. They supply their products throughout Horticultural, Industrial and Construction industries. Premium Perlite and Premium Vermiculite products are explicitly used as a growing medium and seed raising/propagation material for significantly improved growth and health of plants in commercial and residential environments. 

Premium Perlite is gathering rapid momentum for use in commercial and residential hydroponic applications for significantly improved yeild and growth of vegetable and flora crops. Premium Vermiculite is used extensively in the Passive Fire Protection industry as a passive fire spray to protect steel, wires and concrete in the event of a fire. Premium Perlite is used extensively in cryogenics for low-temperature insulation of LNG in tanks and vessels all around the globe. It can also be used in cold store applications such as insulation of FMCG's cold store distribution centers. As a filler Premium Perlite works extremely well at reducing the weight and improving the strength of construction materials such as bricks, tilt slabs and render mixes. with the inclusion of Premium Perlite, home owners and business owners can see greatly reduced heating and cooling costs and builders can reduce wear and tear on machinery as well as their own labor expenditure. Premium Perlite is also used as a filler in paints which also aids in increasing thermal ratings and also improving the finished look of paints on buildings.

We, at Hydro Experts, sell Exfoliators Hydro Perl Fine Grade Grow Bag and Hydroponic Premium Perlite.

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