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Duralastic features a complete offering of durable, long-lasting plastic trays and reservoirs that are used in a range of professional hydroponic gardening systems. These trays and reservoirs are made in the USA using 25% solar energy. The material in Duralastic products is made from recycled and recyclable plastic. 

Both black and white trays and reservoirs are made from recycled ABS plastic with a virgin ABS cap on each side. These trays are easy-to-clean with a drainage grid that allows you to clean the trays without the hassle of hand-scrubbing sharp corners to remove unwanted dirt and grime. Built-in water level indicators make it easy to identify the fill level in reservoirs or trays. Duralastic trays and reservoirs come in a variety of sizes that allow you to tailor the tray size to your specific growing area and layout. Check out the product page to see what is available.

We, at Hydro Experts, sell an extensive range of Duralastic Flood and Drain Tray of varying sizes made with ABS plastic.

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