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Cali Crusher

The four pieces Homegrown grinder by Cali Crusher features a removable screen for easy cleaning and maintenance. The storage compartment is secured with a four-way "Quicklock" system that requires just a quarter turn to lock and open. The Homegrown grinder by Cali Crusher is a top shelf grinder from the heart of San Diego, USA. The Homegrown grinder is machined with the latest in grinder technology. Razor sharp radial cut blades perfectly fluff your grind, while the grooved edge provides an easy grip.

We, at Hydro Experts, sell a range of Cali Crusher products such as Adjustable Titanium Nail of varying sizes, 4 piece herb grinder, Pollen T Press, and Titanium Domeless Nail, and more. Free delivery over $499*.

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