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Black Dog LED Grow Light PhytoMAX-4

Black Dog LED was founded in early 2010 after Corey, the founder, spent over a year looking for legitimate LED grow lights to fill his and his friends’ growing needs. Unfortunately, he spent a lot of money and time only to discover that no one had created a light powerful enough or with the correct spectrum for flowering plants and producing fruit. He knew the technology was available, but LED grow lights on the market were being advertised through a lot of obvious hype backed by little or no science, which meant that the latest technology had not been harnessed. It was this knowledge, as well as a desire to create a quality product that really worked, which led him to pour over 15 years of botany and horticulture knowledge into the predecessors to the Black Dog LED lights for growing plants that are offered today.

Our philosophy is simple: we want to create the best possible plant grow lights available. This means we don’t always worry about providing the cheapest light or even the most profitable light, but it does mean that we don’t cut any corners.

We are indoor gardening enthusiasts, and our passion for our work comes from the desire to create a quality product we want to use in our own gardens and our friends want to use in theirs. To accomplish this, we are pushing the limits of what is currently known about using artificial light to grow plants. Some of the research we are doing in BDL Labs, our research and development department, is being conducted for the first time ever. We are creating lights that, because of their combination of spectrum and power, are better for growing plants than anything produced before.

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Which PhytoMAX-4 LED grow light is equivalent to a 1000W HPS, MH or CMH/LEC?

There are a lot of different grow lights on the market, and each one is different in terms of the light output it provides. Even within a grow light technology, such as high pressure sodium (HPS) lights, there can be big differences- double-ended HPS bulbs are much more efficient and put out more light per watt than single-ended HPS bulbs, the efficiency of HPS bulbs changes with the wattage they are run at, and different manufacturers' bulbs give off more or less light. The spectrum of light also makes a huge difference in growing ability. Determining the correct LED grow light replacement for your existing HID bulbs can be confusing.

Rather than comparing total light output (PF), which is affected by reflector efficiency and spectrum, this table shows what PhytoMAX-4 light models are equivalent to for other (average) lights in terms of light actually delivered to your plants and actual yields.

Other Light 1 PhytoMAX-4 2S (125W) equivalent to 1 PhytoMAX-4 4S (250W) equivalent to 1 PhytoMAX-4 8S (500W) equivalent to 1 PhytoMAX-4 12S (750W) equivalent to 1 PhytoMAX-4 16S (1000W) equivalent to 1 PhytoMAX-4 20S (1250W) equivalent to 1 PhytoMAX-4 24S (1500W) equivalent to
400W SE HPS 0.87 1.73 3.47 5.2 6.94 8.67 10.41
600W SE HPS 0.58 1.16 2.31 3.47 4.63 5.78 6.94
1000W SE HPS 0.35 0.69 1.39 2.08 2.78 3.47 4.16
1000W SE MH 0.56 1.16 2.31 3.48 4.63 5.79 6.94
1000W DE HPS 0.21 0.42 0.83 1.25 1.66 2.08 2.50
1200W DE HPS 0.17 0.35 0.69 1.04 1.39 1.73 2.08
315W CMH/LEC 0.58 1.16 2.31 3.47 4.63 5.78 6.94
630W CMH/LEC 0.29 0.58 1.16 1.73 2.31 2.89 3.47
6 bulb 4' T5 fluorescent (450W) 1.70 3.40 6.79 10.19 13.58 16.98 20.38
8 bulb 4' T5 fluorescent (600W) 1.28 2.55 5.09 7.64 10.19 12.74 15.28

For example, a single PhytoMAX-4 24S delivers 4.16 times (416%) as much yield as a single-ended 1000W HPS light.