Black Dog LED

Black Dog LED has been a proud leader in the design and manufacturing of innovative high-power, high-yield, truly full-spectrum LED grow lights. The new PhytoMAX series has a quality with all-new high-power 5 watt LEDs incorporating the latest advancements in LED technology, an improved cooling system with quieter, high-efficiency fans and many other design improvements. PhytoMAX combines the most discrete colours to create our updated, proprietary Phyto-genesis Spectrum™, with 6 years of proven results as the growers' choice for the highest-rated indoor grow lighting, delivering yields unmatched in the indoor garden industry.PhytoMAX lights have been re-engineered to improve intensity, efficiency and quality. PhytoMAX increases flexibility, efficiency, longevity and yield by providing full, even coverage of the entire lighting footprint with a spectrum that takes your garden beyond PAR to maximize plant quality and yield.

Black Dog LED grow lights are superior in spectral efficiency to all other grow lights including HID, HPS, MH, CMH (LEC), induction, plasma, fluorescent, "white" and other LEDs. We at Hydro Experts stock a wide true watt range of Black Dog LED Phytomax 2 such as 200W, 400W, 600W, 800W, and 1000W.


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