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Avert Bags

Avert Bags are built tough for rugged Australian conditions, designed for durability and ongoing scent-removal. Avert have been custom engineered by a specialist team to ensure they are the highest quality odour-masking bags in the world. The Avert range offers the best in odour-absorbing solutions. The Avert Large Duffle Bag is a heavy duty transportation solution. The Duffle bags feature seriously tough engineering for heavy and odorous cargo. Featuring water/smell resistant lockable zips outside a powerfully activated carbon lining, the Avert Duffle bags are built without compromise.

The Avert Travel Bag is designed for your convenience and reliability. Featuring powerful odour-absorbing activated carbon lining with water resistant zips, Avert Bags will help you get to your destination safely. The avert bags are smell proof.

We, at Hydro Experts, sell a wide range of Avert Bags such as Backpack 25L (Water & Smell Resistance Activated), Carbon Activated Pocket Bag, Avert Bags Rock Safe - Diversion Safe, travel bag, Ajax Can Safe, and many more.

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