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A hugely popular growing technology developed by NASA that hadn’t reached Aussie shores, they took matters into their own hands and developed Australia’s first locally made retail aeroponic gardening system. They are a for-profit, for-purpose company and give back to the planet and community with every Airgarden purchased, partnering with i=Change, One Tree Planted, and 1% For The Planet. They are and always will be 100% Australian-owned and operated, manufacturing all of our products in partnership with Queensland's Evolve Group.

Airgarden is Australia’s first locally owned and made aeroponic vertical garden. Using ‘aeroponics’, a sustainable and 100% organic growing technology, the Airgarden makes it possible for anyone to grow serious amounts of fresh herbs and veggies, all year round outdoors or indoors, in just 1 metre square of space. The Airgarden’s self-fertilising, self-watering system takes the guesswork out of growing, making it virtually fail-proof and requiring just 5 minutes of simple gardening tasks per week – absolutely no green thumb required!

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