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Toyesi Heat Pumps & Chillers

Toyesi opened its first factory in Sydney in 1989 and has since designed, built and installed commercial heat pumps across Australia. It maintains a focus on delivering high quality, economical heat pump and chiller solutions. Toyesi stands out by providing enduring value through time due to its mission of offering long-term value in designs from its factory. Its heat pumps are engineered to provide lasting value after installation. Toyesi focuses on versatility, quality, efficiency, serviceability and longevity rather than disposability. 

Dedicated outdoor and in-plant designs ensure reliability, using front fans in outdoor systems. Transthermal Systems manage energy capture and more. Toyesi's designs ensure longevity with units still operating after 10, 15 and 20 years. This durability and recyclability represent a genuine green solution. 

While builds may entail slightly higher costs, Toyesi's systems are engineered to last. Many units have been resold at premium prices, showcasing their retained value over time.

We, at Hydroexperts, offer a range of Toyesi heat pumps and chillers, including the Platypus Mini Series, Platypus Series, and the Toyesi Australian Made Heat Pumps & Chillers Series

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