Current Culture 13 Gallon Growth Multi-Mod Drilled for Bulkheads w/ Plug Kit

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The CCH2O Multi-Mod GROWTH is the most versatile and durable hydroponic growth module available. The Multi-Mod’s heavy-duty construction is suitable for use in greenhouse and outdoor environments.

Our specialized design includes a recessed drain well allowing for full drain out, making it perfect for use in a variety of applications such as: RDWC, DWC, Aero, Coco coir, Drip, Soilless, Ebb n Flow and any type of DIY application.

No other hydroponic bucket on the market offers more versatility or reliability than the CCH2O Multi-Mod.

In The Box

  • [1] x Current Culture 13 Gallon Growth Multi-Mod
  • [1] x Module Plug Kit (MPK)
  • The most versatile and durable hydroponic growth module available
  • Greenhouse Grade heavy-duty construction
  • Recessed Drain well for full drain out
  • Raised body for thermal cooling
  • Exterior water level marks
  • Smooth interior for easy cleaning
  • Can be used with Soil, Soilless, Hydroponic Media or Water Applications
  • Works with all CCH2O Parts: Lids/Net pots, Bulkheads, BH Filter, BH Wrench, Drop Tee, Drain Fittings and Media Inserts
  • Made in California