Cleaning Your Mighty Vape

By Hydro Experts     7 July 2023 

How to Clean Mighty Vape

Cooling Unit

The cooling Unit and Mouthpiece must be free of deposits. These are caused by steam condensation inside the Cooling Unit. For this reason, please check the Cooling Unit and Mouthpiece before each use.

Clean the Cooling Unit including the mouthpiece regularly and when used by more than one person. Cleanliness is a prerequisite for proper function.

Disassemble Mighty Vaporizer

*A heated Cooling Unit is easier to disassemble because the steam condensate can be sticky.

  • Pull the cap lock towards the Mouthpiece.

  • Pull the Cooling Unit Cap from the Vaporizer.

  • Pull the Mouthpiece out of the Cooling Unit Cap while slightly tilting it back and forth. 
  • Pull off the Mouthpiece Seal Ring.

  • When cleaning the Cooling Unit Cap in isopropyl alcohol, remove the Cap Lock by pulling it up on one side.

*The signet hologram on the cap lock is a sticker

  • Unscrew the Cooling Unit base from the Vaporizer by turning it 90° counterclockwise.

  • Lever out the large Base Seal Ring with Filling Chamber Tool at the recess in the groove. 
  • Remove the small Base Seal Ring.

  • Press the upper Screen with the Filling Chamber Tool from the top to the bottom out of the Cooling Unit base.

Cleaning Mighty Vaporizer With Isopropyl Alcohol

CAUTION Isopropyl alcohol is flammable and may easily ignite. Caution! Hot surface!

  • Follow the safety instructions of the isopropyl alcohol manufacturer!

The Cleaning Brush, cotton swabs and paper or cotton cloths are suitable for manual cleaning. We recommend warm rinsing water or isopropyl alcohol as solvents.

  • Place all parts of the Cooling Unit (except the Cap Lock) and the Filling Chamber Screen in isopropyl alcohol for a maximum of 1/2 hour. 

Prolonged contact with isopropyl alcohol can lead to color changes or embrittlement of the plastic parts.

  • Allow all parts to dry thoroughly. 
  • Check all parts for damaged surfaces, cracking, softening, hardening, soiling or discoloration. 
  • Remove any damaged parts. 
  • If necessary, clean the cap lock with warm rinse water or wipe it with isopropyl alcohol.


Material damage caused by improper cleaning

Stickers with the signet hologram may fade and their adhesive may dissolve 

  • Avoid prolonged contact with isopropyl alcohol

*Do not put the Herb Mill, Filling Aid and Magazine in isopropyl alcohol. Clean these parts in the dishwasher, or with warm rinsing water.


  • Assemble the parts in reverse order. 

*When assembling, make sure that Seal Rings are properly seated. The small Base Seal Ring, especially, must sit completely in the Cooling Unit Cap and be no longer visible. 

  • Carefully insert the upper Screen into the groove provided.

*Disregarding this may allow plant particles to enter the Cooling Unit, so blocking this or be inhaled.


After each vaporization, clean the Screens with the enclosed Cleaning Brush

Filling Chamber

It is necessary to clean the filling chamber as soon as the lower Screen is clogged.

Removing the lower Screen 

Remove the lower Screen by pressing it along the groove in the Filling Chamber using the Filling Chamber Tool. This causes the lower Screen to bulge and detach from the groove.


  • Clean the filling chamber with a cotton swab soaked in isopropyl alcohol.

*Make sure that no isopropyl alcohol drips into the interior of the device.

Installing the lower Screen

  • Curve the lower Screen.
  • Insert the lower Screen into the filling chamber with the curved side facing upwards.
  • Using the Filling Chamber Tool, press the screen flat into the provided groove

Vaporizer and Power Adapter


Material damage caused by improper cleaning
Water may penetrate and damage the Vaporizer or Power Adapter 

  • Do not immerse in water or other liquids 
  • Do not clean with direct water or steam jet or compressed air
  • Disconnect the Power Adapter from the power source. 
  • Switch off the Vaporizer. 
  • Clean the housing of the Vaporizer and the Power Adapter only dry or at most with a damp cloth if necessary.

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