Centrifugal Exhaust Fan 342CFM 150MM (6" Inch) + Carbon Filter 275CFM + 6M Duct


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[1] x Centrifugal Exhaust Air Fan - 150MM (6" Inch) | 342CFM

Temperature and odour control are a breeze with these high-output fans. Centrifugal exhaust air fans are perfect for carbon filters, air cooling lighting reflectors or attaching to ducting to ventilate your grow room!

Description Voltage/Frequency Air Flow (CFM) Speed (RPM) Power (W) Current (A)
Inline Fan 100MM (4" Inch) 230V/240V, 50Hz 165 2604 62 0.25
Inline Fan 150MM (6" Inch) 230V/240V, 50Hz 342 2563 64 0.26
Inline Fan 200MM (8" Inch) 230V/240V, 50Hz 518 2532 160 0.65
Inline Fan 250MM (10" Inch) 230V/240V, 50Hz 600 2478 200 0.9
Inline Fan 300MM (12" Inch) 230V/240V, 50Hz 830 2509 250 1.1
  • Mounting brackets included


[1] x Carbon Filter - 150MM X 300MM (6" x 12" Inch) | 275CFM

This Carbon Filter easily adapts to all squirrel cage and centrifugal blowers (some blowers may require an adapter). It makes a perfect companion to almost every exhaust situation. Great for small spaces where the filter must be in the air, attached directly to the exhaust fan, (due to its light weight). Packed with highly porous charcoal, the carbon filter eliminates all odors as the air is forced by the millions of open fissures in the packed charcoal.



Carbon Filter 100 x 300MM (4 x 12 Inch) 200
Carbon Filter 150 x 300MM (6 x 12 Inch) 275
Carbon Filter 150 x 600MM (6 x 24 Inch) 550
Carbon Filter 200 x 600MM (8 x 24 Inch) 750
Carbon Filter 250 x 1000MM (10 x 40 Inch) 1400
Carbon Filter 300 x 1200MM (12 x 48 Inch) 2200
  • Carbon Bed: 50MM (Buyers please be aware there are cheaper carbon filters on the market, which use 38MM carbon bed)
  • Highly effective, low density virgin carbon
  • Machine packed carbon enables 100% filtered air flow
  • Inner and outer mesh provides 53% open area allowing increased air flow
  • Includes changeable velcro pre-filter
  • Switchable filter flange and base for longer lifetime
  • Aluminium tops and bases for reduced weight


[1] x Non-Insulated Aluminium Air Duct - 152MM (6" Inch) x 6M

This non-insulated aluminium air duct uses mylar and wire construction for durability and maneuverability. It's capable of handling temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius and will not kink. 

  • Durable construction for long lasting performance
  • Diameter: 152MM (6" Inch)
  • Length: 6 Meters


[3] x Quick Release Clamp - 152MM (6" Inch)

Quick release stainless steel hose clamps. Just release the tension on the screw and flip up to instantly release the clamp. Allows for easy removal of the clamp for quicker flex duct removal when cleaning the glass in your air cooled fixture or accessing your lamp.


  • [1] x Centrifugal Exhaust Air Fan 150MM (6" Inch) 
  • [1] x Carbon Filter 150MM X 300MM (6" x 12" Inch)
  • [1] x Aluminium Air Duct 5 Meters 152MM (6" Inch) 
  • [3] x Quick Release Clamp 152MM (6" Inch)
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Brand Generic
Shipping Weight 10.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.260m
Shipping Height 0.380m
Shipping Length 0.410m
Unit Of Measure ea

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