Grodan Wrapped Rockwool Cube - 75MM X 75MM | with Hole

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These Grodan Rockwool cubes are ideal for raising seedlings and cuttings. Once roots start to emerge through the cubes you will need to plant them on into larger Grodan Transplanting Cubes or some other medium.


  • Wrapped Cube
  • Cube Size: 75MM x 75MM
  • With Holes

In The Box

  • 75MM x 75MM Grodan Wrapped Rockwool Cubes with Hole
  1. The cubes should be washed with warm pH adjusted water set at 5.5 before use and should kept moist but not saturated once seeds/cuttings have been planted.
  2. Over watering can inhibit root development as well as making the plant more susceptible to root rot.