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Grow mediums are simply soil-less material that supports the plant weight and holds it upright. It is generally porous so it can hold the moisture and oxygen that the root system requires to grow. Grow media are inert and do not provide nutrients. The nutrients that plants need are provided by the nutrient solution and is what the growing media is watered and moistened with. Choosing the right to grow media is crucial and essential. Some of the most widely used growing media are coco, clay pebbles, Rockwool, perlites and vermiculites, pot mixes. Then the selection of pots and containers depends upon the size of your plant, the growing medium to use, and the growing environment. Some of the most common growing pots are plastic pots, fabric pots, air-pots, plastic grow bags.


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Nutrifield Pro Pot - 15L | Bucket Pot
Nutrifield Pro Pot - 15L | Pot Stand
Nutrifield Pro Pot - 27L | Bucket Pot
Nutrifield Pro Pot - 27L | Pot Stand