Seedling Heat Mats

If you are an indoor gardener or an outdoor gardener want to provide safe germination of your chilli seeds heat mats are the best way of doing it. The heated tray and heat mats are available in a variety of sizes and wattage to suit your particular needs. These mats help in more germination and give a head start to your young plants by increasing the temperature of your seed beds by 10 to 20 Degrees F.

These heat mats are made of the right materials and are able to provide the required temperature at very low power consumption. If you need you can have automatic temperature control units connected to these heat mats.

Seedling heat mats are similar heating pads you would use for your body. Heat mats are also called germinating mats. They add extra heat to maintain warm temperatures from underneath the starting tray. They keep the soil around 70°F/21°C, which is considered to be ideal for germinating seeds or propagating.

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