LED Propagation Lights

High-quality lighting during the first few weeks of a plant's growth provides the greatest impact on many critical qualities, especially rooting. A very high value is added per light due to the concentration of plants. Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights are now being used more widely by growers all around the world for improved bud-set, increased growth, artificial growing environments and to guarantee production out of season, usually when prices are highest.

We have LED propagation light kits for clones, fluorescent lighting and CFL lamps for propagating seeds and growing seedlings. Visit in-store or order online at hydroexperts.com.au and get free delivery over $499. Only at HYDRO EXPERTS!

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The PS1 T5HO lighting kit provides you the flexibility to build your own T5 grow light system that meets your needs. The CLICK & LOCK SPINE allows you to configure up to 4x24w lighting system in different light colour combinations of your own choice. Surface mounting clips are provided that allow you to mount the lights on any flat surface. A perfect choice for confined areas. Adjustable lighting allows you to suspend your light system above your plants and be able to adjust the lighting sy ...