Reward Information

Grow Reward

1 dollar earns
1 HEX dollar

70 HEX dollars
1 dollar

Buy any
products with
your HEX dollars

How to earn points

Register to

Purchase with
your account

Earn from
every cent you spend

How to check my HEX points

Check your HEX points in My account

Check how much you earned in a
single order when you checkout

How to spend HEX points

If a customer has earned enough points to use them, the rewards points will appear as account credit on their checkout page as an available payment option.


The customer will be able to choose how much credit to use against the purchase. An example would be that a customer can pay for half an order through credit and the remainder using a different payment method such as Paypal or Visa.

Frequently Asked Questions


Will my grow points expire?
Your grow points are valid for 2 years from your first purchase.

Is shipping cost included in reward point calculation? 
Yes, all 
your spent will be calculated into reward point.

What is the minimum amount needed to be spent to start earning points?
There is no minimum limit. Every cent you spend will be calculated into reward point.

What is the maximum point I can earn form single purchase?
No limits. Spend as much as you want to earn as much as you want!

Is there any minimum or maximum dollar amount that can be redeemed at one time?
No, there is not any.