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Growth Technology (GT) pH Down - 250ML | 85% Phosphoric Acid
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Flairform PH Down - 250ML | pH Adjustment Solution | Citric Acid
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Flairform PH Up 250ML - pH Adjustment Solution | Citric Acid
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Growth Technology (GT) pH Down - 1L | 85% Phosphoric Acid
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Flairform PH Down 1L - pH Adjustment Solution | Citric Acid
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Flairform PH Up & Down - 2 x 250ML |  pH Adjustment Solution | Citric Acid
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Nulife Technologies pH Down - 250ML | pH Control | Phosphoric Acid Based
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Nulife Technologies pH Up - 250ML | pH Control | Potassium Hydroxide Based
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Flairform PH Up & Down - 2 x 1L |  pH Adjustment Solution | Citric Acid
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Flairform PH Up 1L - pH Adjustment Solution | Citric Acid
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Nulife Technologies pH Down - 1L | pH Control | Phosphoric Acid Based
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Nulife Technologies pH Up - 1L | pH Control | Potassium Hydroxide Based
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Hy-Gen pH Complete Control Kit - 150ML pH Up & Down | pH Indicator Kit

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HY-GEN is a family business based in Perth, Western Australia and producing a wide range of plant food nutrients, organic additives and organic boosters. HY-GEN produces quality products for home hobbyists and professional growers. HY-GEN is the creator of many high quality products, except where nature had done the work and contributed to our range. Check out more of our range. HY-GEN is the mark of guaranteed quality. All nutrient formulations and procedures have been prepared under careful supervision by our Qualified Chemist who has more than 20 years experience in fields such ...

Nulife Technologies creates solutions through our innovative research and development program. Nulife now manufactures the largest hydroponic product range in Australia. Why are they so good? We believe that the many years of commercial growing and horticultural consulting experience of our agronomic team shows in our already proven top of the range products. Our research and development team is at the cutting edge of new product development. The latest commercial developments are rapidly refined into hydroponic products allowing you, the customer, to... & ...

Flairform has been a leader in product innovation and quality for over 20 years. Having worked professionally in the field of water, agricultural and horticultural chemistry since 1966, our chemists have accumulated significant scientific expertise. This expertise has enabled us to solve many of the product development challenges facing the hydroponic industry. We are now able to offer the most technically advanced products and grower advice that enables even the most inexperienced to grow like a professional. Our Founder and Manager Bob Taylor ...

FORMULATION AND MANUFACTURE OF ‘CROP-SPECIFIC’ NUTRIENTS SCIENCE – INNOVATION – RESULTS Before the birth of Growth Technology we were commercial growers of tomatoes and herbs. At one time we had over 12,000 tomatoes in fiberglass sheds and a supply contract with Qantas airlines – all under the banner of Hydro Gardens. In 1984 we began formulating hydroponic nutrients for our own commercial crops. The nutrients were so successful, soon we were soon selling our products to other growers as the hydroponic concept spread and th ...

Author: Canna  

Now, let’s get down to it by understanding and accepting a couple of key points and rules of thumb. 1. Start To begin, herbaceous root systems require near 100% humidity , ideally, at all times, otherwise the root tips die back. The root tip is the very small end of the root that is divided into three zones. The length is variable and depends on many considerations such as plant variety, temperature, past water levels and much more. The root tip is responsible for absorbing t ...

Author: BlueLab  

What is pH? pH (short for potential Hydrogen) is the measurement of acidity and its opposite, alkalinity in a solution. Neutral pH is 7.0 pH. Acidity measures below seven pH (7.0pH) with alkalinity measuring above it (7.0pH). Why is it important to measure pH? It is important to maintain a hydroponic nutrient solution at a pH level where the elements in the nutrient solution are consistently available to the plant. If the solution is too acidic or too alkaline it can cause ...

Author: Bluelab  

Although there are ideal EC values for each plant type, this does not mean that a range of plants, all technically requiring different strength nutrients, cannot be grown in a home situation together. The grower simply lists the range of EC values and picks an average value. For most home systems this value is between 1.2EC and 2.0EC depending upon the requirements of the predominant crop types being grown. The pH values given here are broad, note that the average is 6.0 - 6.5pH for hydroponic applications. Below is a list of crops with the ideal EC and pH values th ...

Author: Dutch Master  

Hard water results primarily from excess calcium, magnesium, sodium and other minerals dissolved in the ground water. Too much of any of these can greatly alter the mineral nutrient balance in the root zone and nutrient reservoirs. Sodium, for instance, competes with Potassium and you may end up with Potassium deficiency symptoms like brown leaf tips and less than optimal growth & yields. Many other deficiency symptoms can occur when too much of one mineral is "out competing" others. Most hydroponic nutrients are formulated based on "pure water" and this ...

Author: Greens Hydroponics  

Mixing hydroponic nutrients isn't rocket science but it can be confusing if you're a novice to plant fertilizers. In this short tutorial we show you how to mix Canna Aqua Flores - a popular hydroponic nutrient used during the flowering and fruiting stage. ...