High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Lamp

A high-pressure sodium (HPS) light is a type of growth light that is commonly used for indoor gardening. This particular light stimulates plant growth by diffusing the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that is ideal for the whole process of photosynthesis. High-pressure sodium lights are also used to prevent the plants from growing overly spindly and long. It mimics general outdoor conditions, especially as far as colour and temperature are concerned.

Our High-Pressure Sodium lighting includes BLV HPS, Gavita Enhanced, Lumatek High-Pressure Sodium Lamp, and many more. Power wise: 600W HPS Lamp, 400W, 600W, & 1000W HPS Grow Light Bulbs. Our other products include electronic ballasts, digital ballasts, metal halide, grow lights, mercury vapour, ARC tubes, & other light bulbs. SHOP today for high-pressure sodium HPS lamp only at HYDRO EXPERTS. Visit in-store or online.

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Gavita Enhanced HPS Lamp - 400W | E40 | SE | uMol 710

Gavita Enhanced HPS Lamp - 400W


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Gavita Enhanced HPS Lamp - 600W | 400V EL | E40 | SE | uMol 1150
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GE Lucagrow High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Lamp - 400W | 2000K | 240V | Flower Bulb
GE Lucagrow High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Lamp - 600W | 2000K | 240V | Flower Bulb
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Osram Nav-T High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Lamp - 600W | 240V | SE | Flower Bulb

Osram Nav-T HPS Lamp - 600W


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Philips Son-T-Light High Preesure Sodium (HPS) Lamp - 400W | 240V | SE | E40
Protective Double Ended Lamp Shield |Blast Resistant | ANSI Standard
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Gavita Enhanced HPS Lamp - 600W | 240V | E40 | SE | uMol 1070

Gavita Enhanced HPS Lamp - 600W


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