Double Ended (DE) Lamp

Double-ended light or lights are considered high-pressure sodium (HPS) globes that work when a ballast produces and regulates an electrical current that flows between the electrodes. This vaporizes the mercury and sodium within the glass tube into a gas that produces heat and intense light. Double-ended light systems are preferred for interior gardening and hydroponic gardening because the intensity they produce provides plants with more ultra-violet light, which is used by the plant for photosynthesis. Double-ended lamps are also extremely efficient, long-lasting and can easily be assembled into rows along a single strand of wiring.

We sell double ended bulbs such as BLV High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) Lamp, 1000W Double Ended HPS. Other lighting system includes LED Grow Light, Single Ended HPS Bulbs, and many more. SHOP today from our Lidcombe warehouse or order online at

Protective Double Ended Lamp Shield |Blast Resistant | ANSI Standard

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