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Current Culture Bulkhead - 50MM (2" Inch) | Leak Free Design
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Flora Flex Barbed Tee - 4MM | 100 Pack | Top Feeding Wicking System
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Flora Flex GHT to NPT Quick Disconnect Set - 19MM
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Flora Flex Pipe Fitting Elbow - 19MM | O-Ring included

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Antelco specialises in developing, manufacturing and marketing top quality, low-volume micro irrigation products for the world market. Antelco offers products that include some of the most innovative drippers, sprays, sprinklers and fittings in the irrigation industry. Antelco was established in 1985 in Murray Bridge South Australia. This was followed in 1989 by Antelco Corporation in Florida USA, to serve the North American market. More recently, Antelco UK Limited was established in Bedfordshire UK, to better meet the needs of the UK and European markets. ...

NFT System Today, we will go over the Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) system. The NFT is a popular hydroponics system for home growers and is usually used to grow small, fast-growing plants such as lettuce. Commercial growers also often use NFT systems to grow various kinds of herbs and baby greens. The advantage of an NFT system is that the plant roots are properly exposed to the oxygen, nutrients, and water the ...