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Grodan’s range of Rockwool cubes and slabs are trusted by growers across the globe. They are the world’s leading Rockwool manufacturer and have been developing Rockwool products since the 1960s, supplying growers in over 60 countries. Grodan now holds both the prestigious KIWA Dutch quality award and the European Eco-Label award, so you can be assured of exceptional quality in every batch. Don’t risk your customers’ yields by selling them a poor substitute.

Grodan Rockwool cubes are perfect for growing both cuttings and seedling plants, and they also manufacture larger transplanting cubes for when the roots of your seedlings begin to show through the smaller ones. If you need clean, light and easy to handle Rockwool slabs and cubes, Hydro Experts only recommends Grodan: the premier Rockwool brand.

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