Odour Neutralising Agent (O.N.A.)

Odour Neutralising Agent (O.N.A.) liquid can be used in many different applications and is very versatile. It can be used in industrial misting units or as a room wash down when mixed with water. It can also recharge gel products.

The original formulation British Odour Neutralising Agent or in its abbreviated term ‘O.N.A.’ is back and one of the most effective methods of controlling odours available. Widely used for many different environments from removing stale odours created by the indoor growing of plants through to commercial biological smell removal, Odour Neutralising Agent (O.N.A.) is the first choice for odour control alongside good housekeeping.

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Odour Neutralising Agent (O.N.A.) encapsulates the odour molecule and either destroys it or converts it to a more acceptable level. The product is extremely flexible; there are no limitations to its usage for odour control. Odour Neutralising Agent (O.N.A.) is available in 4 different versions to fit your needs: Spray – for when you need a quick localised fix for an odour Gel – ideal for longer term d ...