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Viparspectra LED Grow Light Reviews (2019): Worth Buying?

Viparspecta is very popular among beginner to intermediate growers of indoor gardening. Beginners wonder about the best grow lights to use and they come to encounter Viparspectra LED Grow Light in particular.

If you are in doubt about which Viparspecta to use, we have made the best LED Grow Light Reviews for Viparspectra in 2019.

Why choose Viparspectra Grow Lights?

Full spectrum: A full spectrum light bulb helps in the higher yield. With full spectrum feature, its easy for a gardener to provide all the necessary lighting i.e. no switching of lights required for growing plants through seedling, budding, and flowering stages of plant life. Viparspectra is one among few LED lights providing full spectrum lights (440nm – 730nm, 3000K, 7500K).

Energy Efficient: Viparspectra is one of the most energy efficient LED light bulbs for indoor gardening. Less electricity consumption will result in high output making sure that your electricity bill will be saved.

Warranty: Viparspectra lights have up to 3 years of manufacture warranty policy from the date of buy. They also have the 30 days return no questions asked policy. Unbeatable, right?

Wide Variety: There are two series of Viparspectra lights: reflector series & dimmable series.

Great Design: Viparspectra tops the design compares to all other grow lights. Besides, there are two more switches to provide the necessary lighting for vegetation and blooming.


Reflector Series Vs Dimmable Series

Each of the series is suited to fulfill different needs.

The reflector series comes in with built-in reflectors that provide enough lights to your plant canopy. This series is best suitable for the gardeners who are new to indoor gardening and lighting systems. All lamps from this model/series have a vegetative/bloom switch, an aluminum heat sink, and 4.72' fans. The products from this series include Viparspectra 300w version, 450w version, 600w version, 700w version, and 1200w version.

The dimmable series gives the grower more control over the spectrum of lights. You c Dimmable is best suitable for the gardeners who know the exact amount of lights suitable at different stages of plant life.