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Hemp Health & Innovation Expo 2019

By Harish Chand     27 March 2019 

About Expo

You can bring your kids to the event because HHI Expo is open for every member of the family. And also the kids under 12 years old are free to attend the show.

The Hemp Health & Innovation Expo, organized by HHI Expo will take place from 18th -19th May 2019 at Rosehill Gardens, Sydney, Australia. The time is 9.30 am - 6.30 pm on 18th May and 10 am - 4 pm on 19th May. This will be the 4th Expo in Sydney showcasing the diversity and benefits of HEMP. The Expo will display varieties from hemp fibers, clothing, bedding, beauty, health products, hemp foods, medicinal hemp products, hydroponic supplies, and equipment.

Major Highlights

  • Eco-Fabric Fashion Parade, (features fashions and accessories made from Hemp, Linen, Bamboo, and more)
  • 2-day Symposium, (features local and international speakers on all Hemp and Cannabis related topics)
  • Hemp food sensations, (including Ice Cream, Milk, Chocolate, Fudge, Jams, Gin, and more)



  • Across International Australia
  • At Hemp
  • Australian Industrial Hemp Alliance Inc
  • Bluelab
  • Bulk Hemp Food
  • Cannabis Doctors Australia
  • CBD Made Easy
  • Chocolate Tea
  • Cloud Cave
  • Delta Tetra Consultancy
  • Dr. GreenThumbs
  • Drug Policy Australia
  • Epilepsy Action Australia
  • Eurolux Australia
  • Glass Prophets
  • Growhard Australia
  • Hemp Gallery
  • Hemp Store
  • Herbs + Heart
  • Hemp Market Store
  • House of Gold Skin Care
  • Hyalite Australia
  • Hy-Gen
  • Kathmandu Hemp
  • Made In Hemp
  • Magical Butter Australia
  • Margaret River Hemp Co
  • MCUA
  • Medihuanna
  • Nimbin Hemp Embassy
  • Ozi Magic
  • Painpod
  • Sanita Health & Wellbeing
  • Soap By Nature
  • Space Bars HQ
  • Spectrah
  • Stealth Garden
  • Superhealth
  • Sacred Seed Food Co.
  • The Hemp Building Company
  • The Hemp Lady
  • Tilba Hemp Co
  • Trog Studios
  • Two Dogs Media
  • Urban Leaf
  • WHG Net Pty Ltd
  • XED Hydrolighting
  • The Republican Party of Australia
  • Cannabis Access Clinics
  • Bio Diesel
  • Current Culture
  • Cvault/Boveda
  • Compass Lifestyle Clinics
  • Down Under Wholesalers
  • Dome Group
  • Australian Cannabis University
  • Nutrifield
  • Easy as Organics
  • Aptus
  • Hydro Pap Australia
  • Aussie Canna
  • Hemp Oz
  • The Green Box
  • Hemp Pet



  • Damien Donoghue (Founder SuperHealth)
  • Carol Ireland (CEO of Epilepsy Action Australia)
  • Adam Miller (Founder of Budding Tech and The Medical Cannabis Council of Australia)
  • Dr. Teresa Towpik (Chief Medical Officer of Compass Lifestyle Clinics & MediHuanna)
  • Charles Kovess (CEO of Textile & Composite Industries Pty Ltd)
  • James Vosper (President of the Industrial Hemp Association)
  • Dr. Sanjay Nijhawan (Medical Director of Cannabis Access Clinics)
  • Dr. Natalie Beveridge (Researcher, CACOS Study)
  • Jonatha Hsieh (Principal Consultant)
  • Paul Mavor (Health House International)
  • Tim Oates (Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer for Delta Tetra Consultancy)
  • Leah Bisiana (MHlthSc/DipBus/RN1/Dementia Consultant/Learning & Advisory)
  • Gary Rogers (Hemp Homes Australia)
  • Dr. Matua Jansen (Director of Cannabis Doctors Australia Pty Ltd)
  • Colin Bell (Co-founder, co-inventor and Chief Growth Officer at Growcentia)
  • Sharlene Mavor (Symposium MC: Medical Cannabis Research Australia)


About HEMP

Hemp is an incredible and versatile plant that benefits hydroponics, textile, medicine, and beauty sectors. Hemp is used in hundreds of products ranging from food & beverages to skin care to clothing. The Expo is the place to learn more.

HHI Expo is the best place to change the misinformation people have about the uses of Hemp in research, science, health, and more.


Difference between Cannabis and Hemp

To clear people’s misconception on cannabis and hemp, they are not the same thing.

Cannabis is a family of plants that contain a variety of different compounds called Cannabinoids. The most dominant of them all is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD). THC is the active compound in certain strains of the plant which induces psychoactive effects, while CBD doesn’t contain any psychoactive properties.

Hemp is rich in CBD but has a very low concentration of THC (0.3% or less) and is used for industrial purposes. Hemp is able to produce many products such as oils, food products, paper, textiles, biofuel, building materials and more.

Hemp is also used to produce a wide range of THC-free CBD products because of CBD’s growing popularity.

For general information, as of November 2017, it's legal to grow and sale low-THC hemp seed as food.