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Hydro Experts Shipping goes with automated tracking and notification service

Are you too busy to make inquiry regarding your shipping or to track your items by yourself?

Forget where you have saved the tracking details?

Do not know how to track from the tracking links?

Not to worry. Hydro Experts has come up with automate shipping tracking and notification service. To improve the customer service and help the customer to track the Shipping, Hydro Experts has put together reliable shipping with automated tracking and notification service. Customer will be notified about their shipping status via Email and SMS. You will be auto-notified via email every time when a delivery update occurs and via SMS on important and critical information.


SMS notifications are triggered when your shipment status is:

  • In transit
  • Out for delivery
  • Failed Attempt

Email notifications are triggered when your shipment status is:

  • Info Received
  • In transit
  • Out for delivery
  • Delivered
  • Failed Attempt
  • Exception

On both Email and SMS you will get your shipping status, Courier, tracking number and tracking url. Tracking url is one click url which means that once url is clicked it will directly redirect you to tracking detail page. You do not have to type and search the tracking number to track. Tracking number is for your record.


How to opt for the Automated SMS and email notification of tracking of your shipment?

Not every customer will be getting the SMS and email notification. Only those customers who will chose for this service at the time of checkout will receive this facility. In our checkout page we have input field for mobile number and email address and opt for this facility. If you want only SMS, please fill the mobile number field only, for email only fill email address field only and if you want both fill both field with yes on the opt for SMS and email notification. Provide the proper mobile number starting along with +61(Country code of Australia).