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FloraMax evolved out of one of Australia’s first hydroponic nutrient manufacturers (est. 1992). Following 25 years of nutrient manufacturing and research, the FloraMax range was conceived from the crop trials and feedback of over 50 industry professionals including highly experienced indoor commercial growers.  Prior to hydroponics, their founder had worked professionally in the field of water, agricultural and horticultural chemistry since 1966.  This experience base has enabled their chemists to solve many of the product development challenges facing the hydroponic industry. They are now able to offer the most technically advanced products and grower advice.

We, at Hydro Experts, sell a wide range of FloraMax products such as Ca-Mg-Fe, Clone Spray, Cloner, Calcium & Iron, OrganaBud, Resin-XS, Root-XS, and many more.

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History and Backstory

FloraMax was conceived from analytical chemists who had specialized in water chemistry, agriculture and hydroponics since 1966. In 1992 they began to manufacture crop-specific nutrients – which eventually led to the formation of FloraMax.

FloraMax nutrients were developed to take advantage of the latest technologies in plant biochemistry. This would improve performance in areas such as trichome and root development, pH control, nutrient stability and cleanliness. The benefit to growers is faster and enhanced growth, more valuable yields, and significant improvements in ease-of-use.

The products were developed using intensive feedback from a “developer” base of over 50 commercial growers.

Q: Are FloraMax Products 'Organic' or 'Inorganic' (Synthetic)?

A: FloraMax products are a fusion of both organic and inorganic elements. While government regulations often restrict the disclosure of organic ingredients, our range incorporates a sophisticated blend of both types. It's important to note that FloraMax products are free from potentially harmful PGRs (Plant Growth Regulators) like paclobutrazol and daminozide.

Q: How Many Bottles Do I Need to Grow a Crop Using FloraMax?

A: FloraMax takes pride in its 1-part technology across the entire product range, making each product versatile and multi-purpose. This means you can achieve outstanding yields with as few as 3 bottles, covering a wide range of issues. Our commitment to simplicity is further evident in our base nutrients – growers only require a single nutrient for the entire growth cycle, from seed to harvest. Fewer bottles translate to less confusion!

Q: Does FloraMax Prevent Common Nutrient Issues?

A: Yes, FloraMax's products are designed to proactively prevent common nutrient problems. Our products incorporate the latest nutrient technology, helping to mitigate issues such as nutrient deficiencies, significant pH fluctuations, fruit rot, clogged drippers, diseases, and heat-induced wilting. This allows growers to focus on other critical aspects such as lighting and optimizing the grow room environment.

Q: Does FloraMax Use High-Quality Ingredients?

A: FloraMax is committed to utilizing the highest-grade ingredients available for plant nutrient products. We carefully balance these ingredients to prevent unnecessary excess, ensuring that the nutrient solution runs smoothly without causing blockages in drippers or emitters.

Q: Is Every FloraMax Batch Tested for Quality?

A: Absolutely, every batch of FloraMax is meticulously manufactured by our in-house chemist and undergoes rigorous quality testing before being bottled. This stringent quality control process ensures that each bottle meets its specifications, providing growers with the confidence to achieve consistent yields from one crop to the next.

Q: How Much pH Adjustment Is Required with FloraMax Nutrients?

A: FloraMax boasts pH buffering control that is 5 times stronger than other leading brands. As a result, pH adjustment is generally unnecessary in coco coir or soil, and it's significantly reduced in recirculating hydroponic systems. Even when dosing with alkaline additives, you are unlikely to encounter white deposits or "cloudiness" in the nutrient solution.