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Can-Fan Max Pro Fan - 150MM (6" Inch) | 353CFM | 2 Speed | Mixed Flow
10% OFF RRP $349.95 Hot
Can-Fan Max Pro Fan - 200MM (8" Inch) | 718CFM | 2 Speed | Mixed Flow
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Blauberg Turbo Mixed Flow Fan - 250MM (10" Inch) | 800CFM | 2 Speed Switch
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[1] x SMSCOM Hybrid Pro Controller 4A + [2] x Max-Fan Pro 200MM 718CFM + 6M Duct
3% OFF RRP $1,510.85 Out Of Stock!
[1]x SMSCOM Hybrid Pro Controller 4A + [2]x Max-Fan Pro 250MM 977CFM + 6M Duct

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The Hyper Fan™ Series... Quiet, Smooth And Efficient When Compared To Other Fans In Its Category: Extremely energy efficient running at 1/2 the power of comparable fans. You get it all! More ai ...

Max Fans are in line mixed-flow fans capable of jaw-dropping performance at high static pressure through innovative design. Manufactured in Germany they pack a serious punch for their size, operating costs, and quiet operation rising to the challenge where centrifugal fans just aren’t cutting it. Aerodynamically optimized laminar airflow and extremely high efficiency set the Max Fan in a class of its own and those seeking the highest quality in professional grade fans know there is only one option for true and reliable performance, Max Fan. ...

Can-Fan is the leading wholesaler of German manufactured Ventilation products, operating worldwide. We offer a wide range of ventilation solutions for the gardening and industrial markets all over the world. Unique patented products including Max-Fan and Isomax are a standard in every market in which we operate. More than 25 years of experience has been converted into tailor-made plug and play products that assist you in achieving your goals. Can-Fan: the choice of professionals! ...

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Measuring the temperature of a solution Control your nutrient solution temperature and prevent big swings. Temperature affects plant growth, flowering, seed production and pollination. If it’s too cold, seeds won’t germinate, cuttings won’t root, flowers won’t produce pollen. Your plants will grow slowly or stop growing altogether. Too hot, your seeds won’t germinate and cuttings won’t root. Plants can die from oxygen deficiency, or succumb to pathogens that like higher temperatures. Most plants prefer a root zone temperature of 18 ...

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Phresh Filters and Pressure Drop Carbon filters cause a pressure drop across the fan. An unrestricted fan working on full power will give the manufacturer’s specified air flow but when a carbon filter is connected to the fan it will reduce the air flow. Phresh Filters have the lowest air flow drop across any fan due to the carbon quality and superior design. The triple activated carbon RC4/8 is perfectly sized to give you the best air f ...