HiPAR 315w LEC Horticultural Light - Sunstorm Review and Unboxing

Author: Stealth Garden   Date Posted:24 August 2017 

Quick summary video about the latest batch of HiPAR Horticultural lights we've received in our Australian warehouse. 

The Sunstorm kit use #315w #LECtechnology for impressive plant growth. The light output is very similar to sunlight allowing more natural plant development and increases in essential oils. 

The kit includes their LEC square-wave ballast, the latest 315w 930 Horticultural bulb and new specific HiPAR 315w Reflector optimised for LEC Technology. 

Extra information for
Hi-Par Sunstorm CMH Reflector Vertical 315W


Hi-Par Sunstorm CMH Reflector Horizontal 315W

source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bmdF7r8TJE

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