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Flora Flex Barbed Insert - 4MM | 6 Pack
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Flora Flex Barbed Tee - 4MM | 100 Pack | Hydroponics | Drip
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Flora Flex Water Tubing - 6MM | 30M | Food Grade Hose | Durable

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At FloraFlex™ we grow many varieties of plants. We know the joy of watching your plants blossom because you’ve figured out the perfect way to care for them, and we know the pain of watching them die or suffer because what you thought would work didn’t. Growing a plant can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. The FloraFlex™ community is here to help you. Why We want to inspire everyone everywhere to grow their own plants. There is nothing quite like planting your first plant and witnessing the results months later. Whether good, mediocre, or bad, we all ...

Author: Robin Horton  

There are 6 basic types of hydroponic systems; Wick, Water Culture, Ebb and Flow (Flood & Drain), Drip (recovery or non-recovery), N.F.T. (Nutrient Film Technique) and Aeroponic. There are hundreds of variations on these basic types of systems, but all hydroponic methods are a variation (or combination) of these six. Scroll down this page (or click on the system names) to see drawings and a description of each type of hydroponic system. ...

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Drip System Drip systems are widely used by different growers because they are very effective for growing hydroponically, low maintenance and produce little waste. How It Works The drip system works by constantly dripping nutrient solution onto your growing medium. The nutrient solution is pumped from the reservoir through tubing, which runs along the top of the growing medium, where the solut ...

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