Automated Hydroponic Systems

Automation has allowed growers to monitor all the variables in the plant, root zone, and the environment under hydroponics. Automation system for hydroponic helps growers to adjust the water chemistry by dispensing small amounts of acid (lowers pH), base (raises pH), and nutrient solutions (raises electrical conductivity). 
Hydroponic automation system automatically measures and maintain water conditions like pH, EC(electrical conductivity), temperature, level, and flow. Measure and adjust air conditions like temperature, humidity, vapor pressure deficit, and carbon dioxide (CO2). Control relays to modulate lights, air exhaust fan, and humidifiers. 
The automation system connects to your devices, which sends notifications about the status of the hydroponics. If the user wants to change the settings, they can use an application to change the input, thus automatically adjusting air, water, nutrients, and lights.

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