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Nylon Garden Trellis  - 1.5M x 4.5M | Net Mesh | Sea of Green
Canna Measuring Cup - 250ML

Canna Measuring Cup - 250ML


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Geopot is a breathable fabric plant container that air prunes your roots when they reach the edge of the container. This air root pruning process forces your roots to branch out with more fibrous feeder roots, which are more efficient in taking up water and nutrients. The porous fabric allows air into the root zone and provides great drainage, creating a healthy environment for the roots. ...

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White Fly Usually found on the underside of leaves, whitefiles feed on the sap of plants, causing them to wilt, turn yellow & grow poorly. If you shake a plant, white flies will be visible as they will fly into the air. Treatment: Use Eco-Neem , bugs traps or any similar products on the market. Spider Mites They look like little spiders and whiteflies and they feed on the ...

OUR VISION To be the premier provider of technology solutions for the delivery of affordable, legal, and global access to complete cannabis testing for potency and detection. ABOUT US Imagine a team that has traveled the world and seen what few people have seen. Take that experience and then apply that expertise to the fields we work in; you end up with a team that can adapt to just about any new technology and process that comes out if we didn't end up developing it ourselves. This team is adaptable and fixated o ...

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