HID All In One Unit

HID All in One Unit for HydroponicsShop from our wide selection and high quality top brands of HID All in One Unit. Multiple grow lights when connected to the same main circuits, HID bulbs forms which works great for the hydroponics new growers.

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Gavita Enhanced HPS Lamp - 400W | E40 | SE | uMol 710

Gavita Enhanced HPS Lamp - 400W


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Gavita Enhanced HPS Lamp - 600W | 240V | E40 | SE | uMol 1070

Gavita Enhanced HPS Lamp - 600W


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Gavita Enhanced HPS Lamp - 600W | 400V EL | E40 | SE | uMol 1150

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Revolution Micro is proud to bring new levels of innovation, quality, and precision to controlled environment agriculture. All Revolution products are completely designed and engineered in-house. No copies, clones or licensed designs. Everything is manufactured at our ISO-certified, automotive and aerospace qualified factory in Thailand. All parts are sourced and traceable to ISO standards. With over 250,000 electronic products delivered, we are proud of our perfect recor ...

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Quick summary video about the latest batch of HiPAR Horticultural lights we've received in our Australian warehouse. The Sunstorm kit use #315w #LECtechnology for impressive plant growth. The light output is ...

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