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Water chillers keep nutrient solution temperatures within the optimal range (65-70°F). This optimal range allows high levels of dissolved oxygen to be accessible to the root zone while also strengthening plant disease suppression.Water chillers work in conjunction with water pumps. As the nutrient solution is circulated throughout the system/reservoir, the mechanics naturally heat the solution. This solution is then pumped through the water chiller, where it encounters cooling coils and is chilled to the desired temperature. This cooled solution is then circulated back into the system, providing ideal temperatures for explosive root growth and disease suppression.

Water can hold 5 parts per million of oxygen at 25 degrees. At 20 degrees water can hold 8 parts per million of oxygen. The colder the water gets the more oxygen it can retain. The warmer water gets the less oxygen it can retain. However, if water is too cold the plant will stop taking up food. Ideally, a plant wants a minimum of 5 parts per million of oxygen. Ideal water temperature is between 22-23 degrees C. Keeping the water/nutrient within this temperature range ensures that there is enough oxygen available to the plant while not compromising uptake.

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