Outdoor Nutrients

No matter where your plants grow, the same nutrients are generally required for the high yields (organic fertilizers or inorganic nutrients). Since the naturally available nutrients vary so dramatically, it is necessary to give extra care regarding what nutrient formulae must be applied to the outdoor soil. Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium are the three main nutrients that must be used for hydroponics systems. These advanced nutrients are essential from the seeding stage to the vegetative phase to the flowering stage for outdoor grows.

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Author: just4growers.com   Date Posted: 22 October 2018  

Q. I already use Trichoderma. Are mycorrhizal fungi any different? Both are beneficial fungi found naturally in soil. Trichoderma are more for cycling nutrients in the soil and providing protection against soil pests (but you will seldom find it labeled as a pest control) while mycorrhizal fungi help more with nutrient and water uptake and increased root growth. Both combined will prom ...