What are the best LED grow lights? - CONSTRUCTION & BRAND (5/5)





High-quality LED grow lights are made with a metal housing. If the unit is plastic do not purchase it. Aluminium is an excellent heat conductor and helps transfer excess heat that is produced by the LEDs.


Look for grow lights that contain a "constant-current" driver, as opposed to a "constant-voltage" driver. A LED's voltage tends to drop as they get warm. A constant current driver will keep the current steady as the LED voltage changes with the increasing temperature. This will extend the life of the diodes.


Return policies on LED lights will vary and range from no returns to 90 days. A 3 year warranty on your grows light is ideal. Some companies even offer 5 year warranty, such as Illumitex, NextLight, and Lighting Science.





When buying and LED grow light, you get what you pay for. Good companies make good lights. If you buy "no-name" lights from eBay, Amazon, or Alibaba you will get a unit that burns out fast. The brands that we sell at LED Grow Lights Depot have made many growers happy --- just check out the reviews of some of these lights online. Some are smaller companies, some larger, other from China, and some are U.S. made. Many well-constructed LED grow lights are designed in the U.S. and manufactured in China. Some of these brands include Black Dog LED, Kind LED, Illumitex, and Lighting Science. There is nothing wrong with this, because often they are made to an American company's specifications and whether they are or not, these lights have proven their worth. Other brands, such as Mars Hydro are designed and manufactured in China and are great lights - especially considering their inexpensive cost compared to other LED grow lights.

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