Max Fans are in line mixed-flow fans capable of jaw-dropping performance at high static pressure through innovative design. Manufactured in Germany they pack a serious punch for their size, operating costs, and quiet operation rising to the challenge where centrifugal fans just aren’t cutting it. Aerodynamically optimized laminar airflow and extremely high efficiency set the Max Fan in a class of its own and those seeking the highest quality in professional grade fans know there is only one option for true and reliable performance, Max Fan.

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[1]x SMSCOM Hybrid Pro Controller 4A + [2]x Max-Fan Pro 250MM 977CFM + 6M Duct
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[1]x SMSCOM Hybrid Pro Controller 4A + [2] x Max-Fan Pro 150MM 353CFM + 6M Duct
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[1]x SMSCOM Hybrid Pro Controller 4A + [2]x Max-Fan Pro 315MM 1872CFM + 6M Duct

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