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Nanolux Slim Digital Ballast 1000W NCCS Ready + DTU + RTU | Ultimate Light Control


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Slim Nanolux Digital Ballast 600W NCCS Ready

As the smallest, lightest, and smartest ballast on the market, the Nanolux OG-1000W has taken the reliability and quality you’ve come to trust, and added smart ballast capabilities by making it NCCS (Nanolux Cloud Control System) compatible. Not only does this allow you to actively monitor the health of your ballast, it allows you to control many operations including overheat shut-off, voltage surge protection, dim cycles, slow start/slow finish, and more!

  • Random Start technology, will start the ballast within a 0-15 second window
  • Dims automatically when paired with RTU for high-temperature safety
  • Comprehensive short-circuit/circuit overheat/lamp failure protection
  • Dimmable lamp function: 110% Superlux - 100% - 75% - 50%
  • Strikes both MH and HPS bulbs, 1,000-watt maximum output
  • Utilizes NCCS ready-smart ballast technology
  • Diagnostic LED notifications


  • Input voltage range: 110V/120V/207V/208V/220V/240V
  • Ballast Type: Electronic
  • Bulb Type: Metal Halide / High-Pressure Sodium
  • Power Factor: >0.99
  • Crest Factor: <1.7
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): <10%
  • Operating Temperature: -30 to 50°C, with built-in thermal protection device fitted to 105°C and restarting at 50°C
  • Output Frequency: ≥30KHz
  • Strike both HPS and MH lamps
  • Strike bulbs from up to 15 meters


Nanolux Cloud Control NCCS - Data Transfer Unit (DTU)

At the heart of the NCCS is a software program which allows you to specify all of the parameters of your lighting and environmental control settings in your room. The program is then downloaded from your computer to the DTU {data transfer unit). The DTU is the brain of the system and communicates and controls all of the selected functions in the grow room through wireless modem communication. 

The NCCS system currently allows for precision control of your lighting system with dimming, multiple lighting areas, high-temperature dimming features along with fan control. The NCCS will be adding C02 functions, humidity and temperature control, pH and nutrient control, pump control.

The DTU is the brain of the NCCS system and communicates and controls all of the selected functions in the grow room through wireless modem communication. The DTU controls lighting ballasts and environmental control devices by communicating wirelessly with individual RTU (remote terminal unit) USB devices.

  • Controls up to 999 RTU devices
  • Sunrise/Sunset Hi-Temp Shutdown Features
  • Latest Technology in Security using Gigabyte Inscription
  • Input Voltage DC 3.3V-6V
  • Wireless Frequency 433.5-434.5 MHz
  • Communication Port > USB2.0
  • Measurement 85MM * 150MM * 28MM
  • Weight 142.4g


Nanolux Cloud Control NCCS - Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)

The Nanolux NCCS-RTU remote terminal unit (RTU) is a small wireless card with a USB connection port that is designed to be use with NCCS Software for lighting and environmental control of a grow room. The RTU is installed on Nanolux compatible ballasts which allows them to send and receive data from the DTU device. 

  • RTU will transfer ballast data such as wattage, errors, and dimming information
  • Keep each RTU within 180m of the DTU

In The Box

  • [1] x Slim Nanolux Digital Dimmable HPS & MH Ballast - 1000W | (NCCS Ready) Updated Model
  • [1] x Nanolux Cloud Control NCCS - Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)
  • [1] x Nanolux Cloud Control NCCS - Data Transfer Unit (DTU)
  1. Install your new Nanolux ballast away from any potential heat or moisture sources. Although theses units are made to withstand extreme gardening conditions, keeping the unit as cool and dry as possible will extend its life and not promote early failure.
  2. Connect the output lead and socket to the lamp lead. (Ensure bulb is inserted properly) 
  3. Plug the power connection (cord is provided) into power supply socket. 
  4. Select your Dimming Selection: Super-lux, 100% , 75%, 50% 
  5. Ballast has been integrated with our new Fan Safety-Check System: Fan will stop working when failure or obstruction. 
  6. Ballast will protect under and over voltage. Australia: under (155Vac) and over voltage (290Vac) 
  7. Ballast will attempt to restart after 50 seconds, and programmed to shutdown automatically after 20 strike attempts for safety. 
  8. Ballast will automatically restart when the internal temperature is under 55°C. Ballast will short or open circuit protection. 



  • Use only HPS or MH Bulbs. Do not use lamps referred to as "retro" or "conversion" lamps. Make sure the bulb matches the wattage of the highest output of the ballast.
  • Never unplug the power plug or detach lamp cord from socket without turning off the power supply first.
  • Make sure the power supply and lamp cable are connected properly and grounded.
  • Do not hang the ballast by the power or lamp cord.
  • Mount each unit at least 150mm apart.
  • Do not attempt to open or modify the Nanolux Ballast, high power eletricial devices can cause server injury or death.
  • Ensure the unit does not come into contact with water.
  • Keep out of reach of children.