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Revolution Deva DE Kit (No Controller) - 1000W | Ushio HPS Lamp Included

SKU: BLST50309
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Introducing DEva - The integrated plant lighting solution

Growers no longer have to mix and match grow light components and hope for the best. DEva is a fully-integrated, plug n play, super high intensity grow lighting system offering a host of unique benefits for growers. We started with the world's best, most efficient, artificial light source for growing plants: The Ushio 2100 umol double ended (DE) high-pressure sodium (HPS) lamp. Next, we created the ideal fixture around it. Using high-grade components normally reserved for aircraft avionics, we engineered a state-of-the-art 1000W, low frequency square wave electronic ballast and integrated it with a super-efficient, compact reflector.


The result? More plant-usable light per watt than any other artificial light source. Period!

Designed from the ground up, the DEva 1000W DE ballast rewrites the rule book for indoor growers. It runs cooler and quieter than any other e-ballast, emits virtually no electromagnetic interference, and oscillates at just 100Hz instead of 70000 to 100000Hz! As such, it perfectly powers the Ushio DE HPS lamp, avoiding the acoustic resonance issues that plague other electronic ballasts. DEva even adjusts the output waveform to continually optimize the lamp's output as it ages, and can light HPS< Halide or Ceramic bulbs DEva's avionic-grade capacitors are rated for thirty-six years of continuous operation whereas even premium-priced European ballasts are rated for just three. With DEva you'll enjoy a safer indoor garden with higher performance, longer lamp life, less lumen depreciation, and lower maintenance costs.


Built without compromise

The DEva Reflector. Our dedication to using the very best components and materials available is exemplified by the DEva Reflector. Constructed from the finest German, dimpled Miro aluminum, our compact reflector boasts an incredible 97% reflectivity rating and a rounded, grower-friendly shape. No more sharp-edged, white-hot reflectors to cut or burn you. DEva focuses the intense growing power of the Ushio 1000W DE HPS lamp to create a uniform yet penetrating growing footprint of up to 25 square feet. Heat dissipates easily out of the fixture while your plants bask in intense, PAR-rich light.


Input Voltage 120/240 volts AC, 50/60 Hz
Input Current 4.4A @ 240 volts
System Efficiency 94.7% @ 240 volts
Driver efficiency at full power >98%
Power Factor >99.95%
Light Source 1000w 400V double ended lamp
Luminous Flux >2100uMole/sec
External Dim Revolution or Autopilot controller
External Dim Connector RJ11 (6P4C)
Internal Dim Push-buttom on panel
Output Power 600 - 1150 dimmable in 1% steps
Dimming Push-button or external controller
Certifications CSA, CE, FCC Class B
Dimensions  305MM x 650MM x 135MM


In The Box

  • [1] x Revolution Deva DE Kit (No Controller) - 1000W | Ushio HPS Lamp Included
  • First and only Silent Squarewave electronic ballast
  • Surge protected, computer controllable, generator safe
  • HumidGuard epoxy coated electronics for long life
  • 97% reflective, German Miro aluminium reflector
  • Includes Ushio Pro Plus HPS Lamp
  • First and only e-ballast to pass both FCC part 18 and Part 15 Class B EMI limits

1-Year Replacement Warranty

  • If the product is faulty within the warranty period, the product will be replaced with a new one.
  • Please send the product to the following address on the contact us page.