Platinium Super Cloner 30 with Dome | w/ Aqua One Water Pump 103 | Aeroponic Propagators

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The Platinium Super-Cloner is an aeroponic propagator, used to clone plants by suspending cuttings above a spinning spray head that propels fine droplets of liquid towards the stems. This method maximises aeration and encourages rapid, vigorous root development. If you want to improve success rates, slash turnaround times and create a much more efficient indoor garden, then the Platinium Super-Cloner is for you!

  • Inspired by NASA technology
  • Accelerated rooting times for a quicker turnaround
  • Improved cutting success rates over traditional methods
  • Oxygenates root systems
  • 360 degree spray head for even root coverage
  • Very easy to use


The Platinium Super-Cloner Contains:

  • 1 x clear lid
  • 1 x propagator tray with 30 neoprene foam collars (50mm)
  • 1 x delivery pipe with 360 degree spray head
  • 1 x pump unit
  • 1 x reservoir base


How the Platinium Super-Cloner Works:

The Platinium Super-Cloner is an Aeroponic propagator. Cuttings are supported by neoprene foam collars that fit inside a propagator tray. Leaves are exposed to light that filters through the transparent lid, while the stems sit in darkness above a 360 degree spray head inside the reservoir (which also acts as the system’s base). The spray head is supplied with nutrient via a pump that sits submerged in pH adjusted plain water or mild nutrient solution. Liquid is pumped from the reservoir, through the spray head and towards the stems. The high pressure level created by the Aqua One 103 Water pump causes the spray head to spin on a horizontal axis, ensuring that coverage is nice and even. Roots quickly develop from the cuttings, growing down into the reservoir chamber. This method is the best possible for ensuring that root systems have free access to oxygen. The heavy oxygenation delivers faster cloning times and an improvement in overall success rates over traditional methods.

Aqua One 103 Water Pump Specifications

  • Power: 15 watts
  • Maximum lift height: 1.2m
  • Flow rate: 1200 litres per hour


Using the Platinium Super-Cloner:

Fit the delivery pipe to the pump. Make sure that 360 degree spray head is fitted to the top of the delivery pipe. Position it inside the reservoir and secure it in a central area using the four suction cups on the underside of the unit. Plug the pump into a mains socket, but do not turn it on yet.

Add water to the reservoir so that the waterline sits a couple of inches above the pump. Always ensure that the pump is fully submerged, but do not fill the reservoir to the point where roots are sitting in water/ nutrient solution. Adjust the pH to 5.8. Add a very light dose of nutrient if preferred, though plain water is fine until roots start to show.

Place the propagator tray on top of the reservoir and gather the essential items for taking cuttings (sterile scalpel, rooting gel, etc.).

Choose healthy shoots with thick stems from which to take your cuttings and make the last cut with your sterile scalpel. Dip the cut end into some rooting gel, pouring it into a separate container to avoid contamination, then place the cutting inside one of the neoprene collars, leaving the cut area of the stem sitting underneath. Position each collar inside the propagator tray and keep the clear lid on once done to preserve relative humidity levels.

Switch your pump on at the mains socket to commence the feeding process.


  • [1] x Platinium Super Cloner 30 with Dome
  • [1] x Aqua One Maxi Water Pump - 103

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