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Mini Farm Tomato Farm Bench - 14 Plant Sites

3M x 2 Rows | Grow your own at home!

SKU: GKIT10701

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Mini Farms put fresh vegetables on your table for a fraction of the retail cost. You don't even have to drive to the supermarket or waste space in your fridge, just pick it fresh everyday.

Environmental savings on fuel, water, electricity and your precious time make Mini Farms the ideal solution to beat the rising cost of food.

Simply designed and easy to set up, Mini Farms come in a range of sizes, so there's one to suit your family's needs for fresh vegetables, salad greens and herbs. Mini Farm kits are the complete package, easy to put together and easy to operate; you don't even need 'green thumbs', anyone can do it, even the kids. No digging, no weeding and no bending, what could be easier?

Based on commercial hydroponic systems, Mini Farms turn your balcony or unused space into highly productive and efficient growing areas, just add sunlight and water.


Package Includes:

  • 7 x 100mm/2m gullies
  • Feedline
  • Drainbox
  • Support stand
  • Water pump (fully submersible)
  • 65 litre tank
  • Disposable hydro pots
  • Hydroponic media and
  • Liquid Science plant food.

Suitable Crops: Lettuce, herbs, salad greens

Plant sites: 56

Area Required: 3x2m

In The Box

Package Includes:

  • 2 x 250mm/3m gullies
  • feedline
  • drainbox
  • 3 x T-bar support stands
  • water pump (fully submersible)
  • tank
  • reusable hydro pots
  • hydroponic media and plant food.

Suitable Crops: Tomatoes, cucumbers, vine type crops
Plant sites: 14
Area Required: 4x1m

  • Easy to assemble - simple clip-on construction
  • Chemical free - uses natural mineral salts
  • Self funding - pays for itself over & over each year
  • Recycles water - highly efficient water use
  • Environmentally friendly - saves energy water and time
  • Year-round crops - higher yields and faster growth
  • Nutritious - very high mineral content
  • Pesticide free - healthier plants have fewer pest problems
  • Fun for all ages - get the whole family involved - kids, grandparents, disabled, retirees!

The Tomato Farm bench is suitable for growing vine crops like tomatoes, cucumbers, chillies or even broccoli. A great system for narrow areas. This package is powered by a fully submersible water pump and like the Salad Farms, uses the capillary method of feeding the plants. This package is a typical NFT system and uses the capillary method of feeding the plants. A low wattage water pump is used so power will need to be available to run this sytem.